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Current information

Celý areál v provozu!

As of 10.2.2022 we ski without restrictions. You no longer need to provide proof of vaccination or past illness.

More informations about prices HERE.

SLUŽBY NEJEN PRO LYŽAŘE, kde najdete veškeré informace o Skimu Půjčovnách, Skimu Lyžařské škole, Kluzišti a Sportovištích. 

NEWS 2022


Fast - safe - contactless - queueless 

From now on, you can buy your ski passes online. Not only does it mean a safe purchase given the current situation with the spread of COVID 19, but buying a ski pass online will also allow you to skip the queues in freezing weather. But most importantly you save 10%! 

The purchase can take place without a chip card which you can pick up at the cash of the areal.

Buying online is much better.

We are planning various events on ski passes purchase and the discounts can go up to 50%.


Even well known facts are good to be reminded of. Malá Úpa is a beautiful place with traditional houses in the National Parc of Krkonoše, with great hills for skiing and relaxing cross-country trails. Peaceful and quiet - this is Malá Úpa.

It is no wonder that families with children like to spend their holidays with us. 

We are trying to make their vacation even better - with perfect services or discounts on family skiing packages. 

Special offer for families:

  • One-day family package - up to 20% discount on online purchase

  • One week family package, the so-called SKIMU Pack - discount up to 40% on online purchase (Skiing from 385, - CZK / day / person (families of four per week))

More informations HERE.


Ski all over the resort!

Until recently our ski bus was the only way to travel between different parts of the area.

In Malá Úpa you don't have to take off your skis to get from one part of the area to another. Thanks to our new lifts and ski slopes you can ski wherever you need to go.

We had the interconnection of the area ready last year. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to launch it.

Until recently, moving between different parts of the area was only possible by ski bus which will not operate this year (unless the weather does not allow us to launch some ski slopes). 

We believe that the interconnection will only bring advantages for everybody. For example:

  • Traffic to the historic center of Malá Úpa will be limited - so the main road to Moravanka will be more pleasant for hikers

  • Skiing itself will be much nicer. We admit that some passages are more difficult but at least it will make us practice our skiing skills.

  • It is good to warn families with children that moving between different parts of the area is not a matter of 10 minutes, especially with children.

  • Some cottages in the valley of Černá voda gained more prestige - SKI IN SKI OUT - to open the doors of the cottage and jump straight into the skis, that is every skier's dream. 

  • New ski slopes Rennerovka, Kolbenka and Trautenberk, which we snow fully, were created thanks to the interconnection.


Pro dokonalou souhru zimní dovolené a služeb je potřeba inovovat a rozšiřovat se. Právě proto jsme připravili nové prostory půjčovny o rozloze 179m2 v Centru Hořec, nové prostory půjčovny v areálu U Kostela, nový servis, depot a novou lyžařskou školu. Mezi dávno známé a oblíbené služby řadíme i venkovní kluziště, které je v nadmořské výšce 1060m nebo sportoviště, kde za nepříznivého počasí můžete hrát třeba tenis, basketbal nebo fotbal (a další). 

Otevření kluziště: dle rozpisu ZDE.

Více informací o službách nejen pro lyžaře najdete ZDE



Skiing is an outdoor activity and such activities are more than welcome. At SKIMU we pay attention to compliance with all safety and hygiene measures in the entire area. We disinfect the interior regularly and we try to adapt everything to the current situation. We believe that the Czech government will issue reasonable measures that will allow the operation of mountain resorts to the satisfaction of all.

Let's not forget that customers have the full responsibility for compliance with current measures issued by the government. You do not have to worry about missing anything as we will publish all current information about new rules on our website. 

Current rules when buying ski passes: