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Basic information about parking:

  • Daily parking fee is 150 CZK.

  • All multi-day guests have a discount (5th - 7th day of parking is free) - only P1, P3, P4, P5 and Parking Tonovka apply. 

  • Thanks to the new parking system, guests can subscribe to parking fees at the cash desk. After that, they can leave the car park at any time during their stay and at the same time receive a discount on weekly parking. Only P1, P3, P4 apply.

  • The cash desk is now also in the Zátiší car park (car park P3).

  • We also accept credit cards - only P1, P3, P4 apply.

  • You have 15 minutes to leave the car park after the payment. 

  • 1 day of parking time is calculated 24 hours from the entry to the parking lot.

  • In case of problems in car parks P1, P3, P4, P5, call +420 499 111 024

All car parks are subject to a charge. The operator of the car parks is the Municipality of Malá Úpa, with the exception of the car park at Hotel Hořec and the Spálený Mlýn car park - backup.

Operating rules - car park Municipality of Malá Úpa

Operating rules - SKiMU car park


Parking Areas

Parking places

List of car parks:

  • P1 Sportcentrum - the largest car park right on the border with Poland
  • P2 Infocentrum - at the Info center (only daily parking until 23:00, special price list)
  • P3 Zátiší - parking lot opposite the restaurant Lesní Zátiší
  • P4 Spálený Mlýn - parking lot in Dolní Malá Úpa
  • P5 At the hangar - backup parking lot in Spálený Mlýn
  • P6 Hořec - daily car park, open only when other car parks are full
  • Parking lot Letka - emergency backup parking lot in Pomezní Boudy under the Letka cottage by the curb (more information on MPLA payment below)
  • Parking lot Tonovka - emergency backup parking lot between Pomezní Boudy and Spálený Mlýn (more information on MPLA payment below)
Cars Price
Up to 1 hour For free
Up to 2 hours 50 CZK
Up to 3 hours 70 CZK
Up to 4 hours 150 CZK
Up to 5 hours 510 CZK
Buses (only in SKiMU Sport Center parking area) Price
Up to 2 hours not possible
2-24 hours not possible
Every next 24 hours not possible