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The preferred package SKiMU Pack

SKIMU Pack is a package of services including 10-day ski pass for a special price. SKIMU Pack can be purchased by skiers staying at SKIMU Partners in Malá Úpa and its surroundings.

All inquiries about discounts must be settled prior arrival. Write us at info@skimu.cz or call at tel.: +420 499 111 024. 

You can now order your SKIMU Pack online. Learn more about the online purchase

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Variants SKiMU Pack 5 days 6 days 7 days
SKiMU PACK Adult, Junior 3,550 CZK 3,650 CZK 3,750 CZK
SKiMU PACK Child, Senior 2,550 CZK 2,650 CZK 2,750 CZK
SKiMU PACK Preschooler - transferrable (up to 6 years old) * 4,260 CZK 4,360 CZK 4,460 CZK
2+1 SKiMU PACK Family with a child ** 7,900 CZK
Child for only 500 CZK
8,000 CZK 8,100 CZK
2+2 SKiMU PACK Family with children ** 8,600 CZK
2nd child for only 400 CZK. Another own child for 50% of children’s ski pass.
8,700 CZK 8,800 CZK
2+1 SKiMU PACK Family with a junior *** 8,700 CZK
Junior for only 1000 CZK
8,800 CZK 8,900 CZK
2+2 SKiMU PACK Family with juniors *** 10,100 CZK
2nd junior for only 900 CZK. Another own junior for 50% of adult ski pass
10,200 CZK 10,300 CZK
2+1+1 SKiMU PACK Family with a junior and a child 9,500 CZK 9,600 CZK 9,700 CZK
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