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Schools and Groups

Lyžování pod Sněžkou pro začátečníky i pro pokročilé se slevou až 60%

Schools and Groups

Schools and Groups

Are you a big organized group? Take advantage of quantity discounts. Organized groups of more than 10 people can buy one-day or multi-day ski passes at a significant discount.

Are you planning school ski training? Take advantage of the special package SKIMU Ski Training. Not only you get ski passes at better prices but other SKIMU services too.Ski right under Sněžka on new slopes, which are designed for both beginners and advanced skiers. And as a school you will get up to 40% discount on 5-day ski pass. 


School ski training

Advantages of SKiMU Pack Ski Training

  • Ski passes for up to 7 days

  • Slalom slope  (prior reservation required) 

  • For a group of 10 learners, 1 instructor gets the ski pass free of charge

  • ‘Disco party’ (possibility to organize your own disco party in SKiMU House, prior reservation required)

  • ‘Ski races’ (pre-printed certificates and racing numbers available, possibility to organize races on slalom slopes)

  • Discounts on services of our ski school

  • 50% discount on ski training (10 children, 1 instructor)

    30% discount on rental (5 days paid + 2 days for free) 

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us prior your arrival at info@skimu.cz or +420 499 111 024


  • At least 20 learners

  • Name list of children that includes school stamp and headmaster’s signature.

  • Confirmation of non-transferability of ski passes. Ski passes are not transferable even between pupils of one class. When a violation is found, ski passes of the whole group will be destroyed. 

  • Groups must be staying at a SKiMU Partner.

  • Refundable deposit on every ski pass is 100 CZK.


Have a look at the price list of SKiMU Package Ski Training, then get your ski passes directly from your SKiMU

Partner accommodation provider. For more information, please contact your accommodation provider as well.

Summary information and a form for completing basic information about school for download. 


Organized groups

Discounts for organized groups

  • Organizované skupiny nad 10 osob si mohou zakoupit jednodenní i vícedenní skipasy s výraznou slevou.
  • Podmínkou k získání slevy je předložení jmenného seznamu osob ve skupině opatřeného razítkem organizace, jménem a podpisem odpovědné osoby.
  • Ceník pro organizované skupiny